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30 million customer information of Spanish bank Santander was stolen

Spanish bank Santander, which is frequently the subject of our news on DijiFi, announced that 30 million customer information was seized by hackers. The group called ShinyHunters, which had previously hacked Ticketmaster, is preparing to sell confidential information of the bank's customers and employees.

The bank contacted its 200 thousand employees globally and its customers affected by the incident and apologized. Admitting that information about some customers and former employees in Chile, Spain and Uruguay was leaked, Santander stated that online banking information and passwords were safe and banking systems were not affected by the incident.

The group called ShinyHunters, which carried out the incident, claimed in a forum that it had the bank information of 30 million people, 6 million account numbers and balances, 28 million credit card numbers and human resources information of employees from Santander bank. The group, which previously claimed to have stolen data from US companies AT&T and Ticketmaster, may be exaggerating in its claims, according to some experts. Cyber security firm Hudson Rock claimed that these hacking incidents might be linked to the hacking of the cloud storage company Snowflake.

Santander isn't the only company whose sensitive information has been compromised these days. Ticketmaster owner Live Nation also announced that the personal information of 560 million customers was stolen by ShinyHunters. ShinyHunters demands a ransom of 500 thousand dollars from the company in order not to sell this information. The stolen data included names, addresses, phone numbers and partial credit card information.


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