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Australia passes digital identity bill

The world continues to digitalize. The latest news about this came from Australia. The Australian Government has announced that it has passed the Digital Identity Bill.

The legislation will establish a digital ID system in the country's economy and allow financial institutions and providers to apply and participate in the government's digital ID platform. The most important benefit of this system will be to create a stronger and safer ecosystem for online users.

The bill will also encourage digital identity service providers to participate in a voluntary accreditation scheme to comply with Australian regulators' standards and maintain high levels of security and authentication.

The new legislation will come into force in November 2024, and businesses will be able to join the government's digital identity system by 2026.

Rick Iversen , Head of Product and Program Digital Identity, Payments Australia, said: "It's great to see the commitment to recognizing the benefits a strong digital identity ecosystem will deliver to Australian consumers and businesses. As we always say, the less people share their identity documents, the more opportunities there are for data theft." On the other hand, we also welcome the creation of an amount of $ 288 million in the budget to support the implementation and growth of the digital identity project.” he expressed it with his words.


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