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BBVA, in agreement with OpenAI, will offer ChatGPT to its employees

Spanish banking group BBVA has signed a deal with OpenAI to make ChatGPT available to thousands of its employees. In this way, the company aims to increase the use of artificial intelligence within its organization.

BBVA , the first European bank to collaborate with OpenAI , started distributing ChatGPT Enterprise licenses to its 3000 employees in order to increase productivity and process efficiency while encouraging innovation.

With the agreement, bank employees will receive training from OpenAI on large language models, the technology on which ChatGPT is built. The artificial intelligence giant will also regularly provide BBVA with the latest updates in its field. By working closely with OpenAI , BBVA aims to advance the most successful use cases inartificial intelligence .

BBVA has already started distributing ChatGPT licenses to its staff working in its central services in Spain. The process will continue with the group's banks in other countries in the near future. BBVA aims to ensure that all areas and departments within its structure have access to ChatGPT, so that employees can collaborate with their colleagues on projects.

BBVA Global Head of DataRicardo Martín Manjón said, "We believe that generative AI, when used safely and responsibly, will change the rules of the game in how we support our customers in their decisions and provide them with personalized services. At this point, artificial intelligence also encourages creativity among our employees." He expresses it with his words.

We will see together how the decision taken by BBVA will be reflected on Garanti BBVA , the group's bank in our country, and we will follow the developments closely.


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