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New digital platform from Vakıf Katılım: Paket

Vakıf Katılım has implemented the e-Management Platform Paket, which will make life easier for SMEs and businesses. Paket, which was implemented to provide solutions to all the needs of companies under one roof, allows SMEs and businesses to meet their needs in the bank through a single application by combining them with the pre-accounting application.


Building the foundation of its growth strategy on customer needs, Vakıf Katılım added the new e-Management Platform "Paket" to its work in this field. Paket, which combines the needs of SMEs and businesses in the bank with the preliminary accounting application, also provides great convenience in e-Ledger, e-Invoice and e-Archive issues.

With the Paket, Bank customers will now be able to access their account statements at any time, make collections with credit cards that are included in all card campaigns, receive payments via link, issue their e-Invoice at the same time, and follow all these easily from the mobile application and the web.

“We lead the digital transformation of businesses”

Making a statement on the subject, Vakıf Katılım General Manager Mehmet Ali Akben said: “As Vakıf Katılım, we continue our open banking investments without slowing down in line with the vision of providing fast and accessible banking services to our customers. In line with this vision, we are now happy to launch our e-Management Platform Package, which will make the lives of all our SMEs and businesses easier. The Package, which we created to provide solutions to all the needs of companies under one roof, also offers an end-to-end solution with open banking services such as tax payments, Mobile POS, Bill Payment, and Payment by Link. With the package, we are proud to lead the digital transformation of our SMEs and businesses and to increase product diversity in line with the needs of our customers. "I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the implementation of this innovative and digital product," he said.


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