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PayPal is builds an advertising platform

PayPal, a major player in the global payment systems market, is creating an advertising platform that uses customer data to help sellers better target their ads.

The company hired Mark Grether from Uber to create a dynamic, truly personalized platform that will deliver better ad spend performance for merchants while delighting consumers with compelling offers using customer insights.

The project provides vendors; It will also include the "PayPal Enhanced Offers" platform, which will offer the ability to reach customers based on what they actually purchase online, from the stock keeping unit to the individual product.

Diego Scotti , PayPal's Executive Vice President of Consumer Group, Global Marketing and Communications, said: “Commerce and advertising are deeply interconnected concepts. We believe the advertising platform we've built at PayPal will become a must-use marketing channel for merchants large and small. “I am thrilled to have Mark join our team and lead this important work.” he expressed it with his words.

PayPal is not alone in using customer data for advertising. JPMorgan Chase in April launched a digital media business that allows advertisers to use transaction data to target the bank's 80 million customers.


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