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Should the camera be turned on in online meetings? [discuss]

The concept of online meetings, which has entered our lives in recent years with the impact of the pandemic, continues to be discussed in many aspects. The last discussion on the subject occurred in X. Many users responded to the post of the user named Murat Sıcakkanlı stating that the camera should be turned on in online meetings.

In the post that started the discussion, Murat Hotkanlı said, "If you are entering an online meeting, you will turn on that camera. I do not want to speak against the thing that has your name written on a pitch black screen instead of you. If you are not in a suitable environment, you can turn on your camera for two seconds, apologize for this, and then turn off your camera. This is a rule of respect and etiquette." he said. While there were users on X who agreed with this comment, there were also many users who expressed opposing views.

As it is known, while there are participants who turn their cameras on in online meetings, there are also many users who attend meetings with their cameras turned off for various reasons. Reasons such as home environment, children, and just waking up are often the reasons given for keeping the camera turned off. On the other hand, users who advocate for opening the camera generally put forward reasons such as respect, seriousness and seeing the other side. Which side are you on this issue? We share the camera debate with you and look forward to your opinions.


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