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Spanish bank shocked by data breach through business partner

Spanish bank Banco Santander announced that a third-party business partner suffered a data breach that exposed customer and employee data.

The breach affected the bank's operations in Spain, Chile and Uruguay.

"We recently became aware of an unauthorised access to the Santander database hosted by a third-party provider, which resulted in the access of various information relating to our customers in Chile, Spain and Uruguay, as well as all current and some former employees of the group," the bank said.

The bank announced that no transactions, access information or internet banking passwords were intercepted and that the incident was under control.

In the statement made by Banco Santander, the following statements were made: "We apologise for any concerns this has caused and are proactively communicating directly with affected customers and employees. We have also notified regulatory and law enforcement authorities and will continue to work closely with them."


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