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The future is coming true: What you need to know about GPT-4o

The world of technology is witnessing revolutionary developments these days. Perhaps the most important and most talked about of these was the new artificial intelligence model GPT-4o announced by OpenAI. GPT-4o, which can talk to users and recognize objects, seems to have opened the doors to a new and resounding era in the field of artificial intelligence. We have examined this new artificial intelligence technology on the agenda in detail for you. Let's look at the details!

Real time conversation

The most striking feature of GPT-4o is undoubtedly that it works very quickly and effectively in text, audio and video fields and can talk to users in real time. At this point, the technology, which differs from ChatGPT's voice mode with its capabilities, can produce different types of voices and successfully change the tone of voice by adding expressions to its voice. It's truly impressive.

A real and vivid look

GPT-4o, announced by OpenAI, attracts attention with its Live View mode feature, which offers real-time visibility to users and thus distinguishes it from other artificial intelligence models. In this way, the technology is preparing to offer a real and live view.

Real-time interpretation

In the introduction of GPT-4o, examples of the technology's use in graphic reading and code writing tasks were shared. This demonstration showed us that GPT-4o can interpret everything it sees and hears in real time.

Can do simultaneous translation

GPT-4o has endless capabilities and can read people's emotions through video images. It seems that we will hear the phrase "you didn't understand me, the machine did" a lot from now on. In addition, this extraordinary technology can provide simultaneous translation in 50 languages. In the introduction of GPT-4o, this feature was demonstrated with a successful translation between Italian and English. This feature of GPT-4o seems to shake things up in the translation world. It is definitely a very useful and life-making feature.

A desktop assistant

GPT-4o was introduced primarily as a desktop assistant. This shows that technology can focus on many different areas such as the business world and create benefits for these areas. In this way, artificial intelligence technology, which acts as an assistant, will be able to provide assistance to people by looking at their screens and increase efficiency by working as an autonomous agent. By the way, let us note that ChatGPT is also preparing to appear with its desktop application in the coming days.

Expert in math questions

Another striking feature of this sensational technology emerges in mathematics. GPT-4o supports users in solving mathematical problems with fluent speech. Technology can accompany the solution of mathematical problems simultaneously, step by step, just like a teacher. Now think about pool problems!

Free access to GPT store

Our readers who are interested in the subject will remember that the GPT store was only available to paid users until now. With GPT-4o, free users will now be able to access the GPT store. Thanks to this store, users have the opportunity to create a simplified version of this artificial intelligence model. In this way, while the capabilities and possibilities of users increase, a more accessible artificial intelligence opportunity arises.

GPT4o API: Fast and cheap

Another topic emphasized at the GPT4o promotional event was the GPT4o API. GPT4o API, which is stated to be 2 times faster than GPT-4 Turbo, will be 50 percent cheaper in price and will offer users 5 times higher rate limits. It sounds quite nice.

Open and free to all users

According to the first information shared, GPT-4o will be available to all users in the coming weeks and will be free. While there is also a paid version of the technology, this version will offer users up to 5 more capacity limits compared to the free version.

A challenge to Google

OpenAI's GPT4o announcement was interpreted as a clear challenge to Google in the technology ecosystem. This is also seen as a harbinger of a tougher competitive period for the technology giants appearing in the artificial intelligence race. Google used its right of first reply against GPT4o in the heat of the moment at the I/O Developer Conference. We will see together where the race will go.

The future of artificial intelligence

GPT4o managed to surprise us all. This technology, with advanced and groundbreaking features, offers incredible services and benefits for everyone, from individuals to companies. Now there is a new question in mind: What's next? Or for some, this question is “where are we going?” It can also be asked as follows. Increasing competition in the field of artificial intelligence and what giant companies offer us makes us wonder about the next stage of the game. We will wait and see together. What is certain is that the near future will be quite interesting.


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