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The renewed DijiFi is with you again

DijiFi, which we first appeared before you in 2016 with the aim of producing "readable financial content", not only achieved this goal in a short time, but also started to reach hundreds of thousands of readers from different fields, is preparing to take its place on the stage once again with a new milestone today. We are happy for this, we carry the excitement of the first day.

We have packed so much into the past 8 years. The wide audience we have reached, thousands of extraordinary content, proving that financial content can also be read, the support we have received, hundreds of wonderful messages, collaborations with domestic and foreign brands, seeing the points that a blog can reach/reach... All of these were great. We did it all together. DijiFi has proven its worth, now it is time to take this business much further.

In the new period, you will not only see DijiFi as a blog that produces content on the finance axis. In addition to this theme, we will bring you creative, inspiring and mind-nourishing content in many categories touching the business world, technology, startup ecosystem, future, life and people. As in the past, we will try to go beyond a blog, add value to the time you spend reading content and capture the extraordinary. Moreover, this time we already have a much larger and more competent editorial team and great supporters/business partners. We will soon share all our wonderful new developments with you.

Make a note of today. We are starting again.

Hope to meet you with great content.



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