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Weekly Agenda Summary: 01

Hello! We are here with compiled and summarized versions of the prominent developments in our main categories of finance, technology, business world, enterprise, future, life and other fields related to these categories between 13 - 19 May. If you are ready, we will start reporting the highlights of the week! See you again next week with a brand new agenda summary.

Detailed View

First news from us! Our content platform DijiFi is back on air in its renewed form. With our renewed structure, we will bring you our remarkable content in categories such as finance, technology, business world, entrepreneurship ecosystem, life and future. In this way, we aim to nourish the minds of DijiFi readers and trigger their creativity. See you with great content!

We have brought together on DijiFi what you need to know about GPT-4o, which was one of the most talked about topics of the past week. GPT-4o is a new artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI that provides real-time interaction in areas such as text, audio and video. GPT-4o; It attracts attention with its features such as simultaneous translation in 50 languages, real-time speech/interpretation and a live view. The technology, which is basically offered to users as a desktop assistant, can solve mathematical problems and offers free access to the GPT store. GPT-4o is open and free to all users.

The Competition Authority imposed an administrative fine on Google of five ten thousandths of its 2023 gross revenues for each day. Google did not fulfill the obligations set by the Competition Authority in local search services. The fine imposed on Google will be imposed for violation of obligations regarding hotel queries in local search services. The Authority initiated a 3-month process to monitor the measures suggested by Google and stated that these measures began to be implemented as of April 15, 2024.

The old Twitter, which Elon Musk rebranded as X, switched to the domain name after a year and a half of preparations. Elon Musk announced that all major systems are now accessible via The platform, which was purchased by Musk in October 2022 and changed identity in 2023, eventually provided full direction to Now the address is redirected to

Operating as Turkey's first fintech startup founder, Insha Ventures realized its first spin-off with Semosis. Semosis; It brings important transactions of business life to the digital environment by digitizing the bill creation, management, transfer and collection processes. Having reached a valuation of $5 million, Semosis will continue its activities as an independent company in the new period and will contribute to controlling the informal economy in Turkey. Insha Ventures aims to launch at least one spin-off every year.

Payments firms in the UK oppose the plan, saying the £415,000 refund cap for victims of APP fraud would hurt smaller providers. The companies argue that a ceiling amount of 30,000 pounds would be more reasonable. APP fraud is known as a type of crime that misleads victims into transferring money under false pretenses. There were £500 million APP losses in the UK last year. Payment companies also state that the refund process may not be ready until October.

90% of Klarna employees use AI in their daily work. The usage rates of popular technology in the company's communication, marketing and legal units were 92.6%, 87.9% and 86.4%, respectively. Klarna has already integrated ChatGPT into its structure, offering personalized product recommendations to its users and quickly answering staff questions with its artificial intelligence assistant called Kiki. Additionally, artificial intelligence allows employees to focus on strategic and creative tasks rather than administrative tasks.

Short News

  • TikTok is testing the feature of uploading 60-minute videos.

  • Fimple is restructuring NovaReg into FimpleData.

  • Public banks will meet at a single ATM with the TAM project.

  • OpenAI will use Reddit data to train artificial intelligence models.

  • The EU launched child safety investigations into Facebook and Instagram.

  • Enocta, a domestic digital education solutions initiative, received investment from Turkven.

  • The bill on cryptocurrencies was submitted to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

  • Netflix is preparing to launch its own advertising platform.

  • Fay, who works in the field of nutrition, received an investment of 20 million dollars.

  • Odeabank announced its digital transformation-focused company, Odeatech.

  • Toshiba is preparing to lay off 4,000 employees.


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