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Homemade contactless payment ring

There are enough products for wearable payment technologies on the market. However, a credit card user was not satisfied with this and decided to develop his own wearable technology product and events developed.

Our hero, a member of an online education platform, published a guide for people to produce their own contactless and wearable payment rings. According to the guide, the materials needed for a homemade contactless payment ring are a new credit card, solder, resin, a 3D printer and a little patience. Now let's move on to production.

To start producing the ring, we first need to request a new credit card from our bank. We dissolve the incoming credit card with acetone and remove the RFID chip from the card. We solder an antenna to replace the empty chip on the card. After these procedures, we print a ring with an empty inside from the 3D printer. At this stage, we make sure that the inner part of the ring is wide enough to place the chip inside. After all these processes, we finally glue the chip we removed from the card into the ring and fill the ring with resin.

Our homemade wearable technology product is ready! Now we can make payments with our smart ring without taking our wallet or phone out of our pocket. Our readers who wish can also obtain more information about this simple production with a small internet search. You can also watch a payment made by our hero, who prepared the guide, with his homemade ring in the video below.


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