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What will today's office workers look like in 20 years?

A study conducted in England estimated the physical appearance of today's desk workers, or office workers, in the next 20 years if there are no changes in their working conditions.

The physical changes reflected through a model named Emma, who has a real human size and appearance, are alarming. When the model is examined, it is seen that her body is leaning forward, her stomach has become protruding, her eyes have become very red, there are many varicose veins on her legs and her hunchback has become permanent. All of this indicates that Emma has been working predominantly sitting up until now, constantly remaining motionless and looking at the computer screen for long periods of time.

William Higham, author of the Future Colleague report, comments on the subject: “If employers and employees do not take action today to address the health problems created by modern desk jobs, we will all look like Emma in the future. "If we don't make fundamental changes in our work lives, such as moving more, adjusting our postures, and taking regular walking breaks, our offices will make us increasingly sick." He expresses it with his words. Research by Fellowes, which operates in the field of office products, reveals that more than 90% of office workers in the United Kingdom who have health problems due to their work perform poorly at their jobs.

As the DijiFi family, through this different study, we invite all office employees to review the working conditions in the office and take the necessary precautions for their health. Otherwise, it is clear what we will look like together in the future. Let's take care of ourselves!


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